Bill Farrell International Tournament 2015

Results and Videos:

To Locate Bracket see link below and follow steps:

  1.  Click on link
  2. Enter Bill Farrell International 2015
  3. Select GR from drop down menu
  4. Select 75kg
  5. Select Consolation Bracket and View

Video links below:

First Match vs. Tomohiro Inoue, Japan, loss 2-3

Second Match vs. Michael Hooker, USA, win 9-0

Third Match vs. Colin Schubert, USA, win 9-0

Fourth Match vs. Kangseok Oh, Korea, Fall 1:48

Fifth Match vs. Corey Hope, USA, win 4-0

Six Match (Third Place Match) vs. Youssef Karim Ibrahim, Egypt, Fall 3:38


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