Zagreb, Croatia

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to give an update on the trip I’m on in Zagreb, Croatia.  This is the first overseas competition I’ve been on since before I retired in 2012.  I arrived on Monday and will be competing on Saturday.  We have the opportunity to train with some Croatian wrestlers this week and it’s been a great change in pace of my normal routine.  I had the chance to train with world medalist Nenad Zugaj on Tuesday.  I’m feeling the best I’ve felt since I’ve came back and I’m very grateful for this opportunity.  The competition is a Grand Prix which means I can expect to see some tough competition.  My game plan here is not so much on winning but on putting points on the board.  I’m keeping my goals long term because my ultimate goal will be on the 2016 Olympic Gold.  I feel that putting too much emphasis on short term results will limit my progress in the long term.  If I can score points in all my matches I know I am making progress so it will be important for me to take some chances here and test my skills.  I’m feeling confident right now and I am excited to challenge myself in this event to see where I stand on the world level.  I’m hoping to take away some positive learning experiences from this trip, so that I know what I need to work on when I get back to the states.

I would like to thank everyone who is following me on this blog and are showing their support.  I’ll be sure to post my results after the competition.

Thank you!


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