Dave Schultz Tournament 2015

Hi Everyone!

Today, January 28, 2015 are weigh-ins for the Dave Schultz tournament in Colorado Springs, CO.  Cheney will compete tomorrow at 9am.  I will post some links where you can follow his wrestling and I will also post updates.  This tournament should test his skills on the mat!  Go Cheney!

This is the tournament website for more information:


At teamusa.org  you can find info about the tournaments such as date, time, location etc.  Once you go to the link above, on the right hand sight you will see the tournament name “Dave Schultz”  Right underneath the tournament name will be a link to click on for the event website.  Once there you can click on a tab on the left “results” and can get live text message results.

The website www.trackwrestling.com  is where you can go to view the tournament brackets and see who is wrestling now.  Once there you can click on popular tournaments and find the 2015 Dave Schultz Memorial International Tournament.  Once you enter that site you will see a page that will show live results of matches not the actual wrestling footage though.  In the upper left hand corner there is a blue bar that says “results”.  Click on that and then on “brackets”.   From the drop-down menu, select “GR” for Greco (the style of wrestling) and the next drop-down menu select weight “80kg”.  Fun fact:  There are 2.2lbs in 1 kilogram!  They do not show live video feed on this website, but it is very helpful to see the brackets and the brackets are updated throughout the tourney.

You can follow USA Wrestling on Twitter and they usually do a good job on updating results.

The last option is www.flowrestling.org.  This website is your best bet if you would like to watch live video of the matches.  Go to the website and in the toolbar at the top click on “Coverage” and then choose “Dave Schultz”.  Unfortunately, Flowrestling usually charges to watch live coverage.  I believe it is $20/month.  There could be a one time fee but I’m not sure about that.  If this is something you want to do just follow the instructions to log in and sign up.  Flo will also cover big tournaments like nationals, olympic trials, worlds, and olympics for future reference.

This was a ton of information that could get really confusing.  If anyone has any questions please feel free to comment in the comment section and I will answer!  Thank you for following!





Jack Pinto Cup 2015

Hi All,

Cheney competed in the Jack Pinto Cup 2015 in Colorado Springs, CO.  This was a dual meet that featured several USA wrestlers vs. Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Japan, and Argentina.  Team USA won 9 matches to 2 matches and Cheney helped by beating Japan 9-0 at 80kg!!  I will post a link so you can watch the match and his after match interview!  Thank you for watching!






Dear Family, Friends, and Fans,

Thank you for visiting Cheney’s wrestling page.  We have been inspired to start a blog together to keep everyone updated on his wrestling and to get those interested involved.  One thing we have both experienced during training is that support is one of the factors that helps achieve dreams.  We want to keep connected with everyone through this blog because each and everyone of you mean a lot to Cheney and I and the success that we achieve.  I will be posting matches, interviews, websites, and information on this blog to help everyone follow Cheney’s wrestling.  The bigger his following the more support.  Thank you all for the encouragement and a special shout out to all our friends in Boise, ID who inspired us to start this blog and to share his dream!

With Much Love,

Cheney and Amy Haight